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Alvarezsaurus: Top images show two males, bottom images two females. Left images show two adults, right images show two infants.

Alvarezsaurus is a fauna species, specifically a terrestrial dinosaur, found within Jurassic World Reborn.

Species Information

Alvarezsaurus was a reasonably small (2 meters long) theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period(86 - 83 million years ago). It is native to modern day Argentina. Alvarezsaurus, cutely nicknamed the "Alvy" or "Alvie", is not dangerous to humans. This inquisitive crepuscular creature mainly hunts insects and sometimes would eat small mammals or lizards.

In-Game Information

  • Extinct Species Revival Process: Incubator.
  • Geological Time Period: Cretaceous.
  • Diet: Carnivorous, Insectivorous.
  • Biological Clock: Diurnal.
  • Tameable: Yes.
  • Inventory Space: 27.
  • Days until fully grown: 40.
  • Maximum Health (Hearts):
    • Adult: 5.
    • Infant: 2.
  • Dimensions (Blocks: Length x Height x Width):
    • Adult: 2x1x1.

Skeleton Assembly


Crafting Recipe for Alvarezsaurus Fresh Skeleton. Recipe for Alvarezsaurus Fossilized Skeleton is the same, replacing Fresh Bones for Regular (Fossilized) Bones.

The crafting recipe for this species' skeletons, along with some screenshots of them, shown to the right.


To the left: Alvarezsaurus Fossilized Skeleton. To the right: Alvarezsaurus Fresh Skeleton.