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Blue: Left image shows adult, right image shows infant.

Blue is a fauna species, specifically a terrestrial dinosaur, part of Raptor Squad, found within Jurassic World Reborn.

Species Information

Blue is a velociraptor, the beta of the so called Raptor Squad, a group of velociraptors consisting of Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. She was the first Velociraptor created by Masrani Global Corporation at Jurassic World. Her blue coloration is the result of her DNA being partially hybridized with Black-throated monitor lizard's DNA. She was imprinted upon by Owen Grady, who subsequently became the Alpha of Raptor Squad and her trainer.

In-Game Information

  • Extinct Species Revival Process: Incubator.
  • Diet: Carnivorous.
  • Biological Clock: Diurnal.
  • Maximum Jump Height (Blocks): 3.
  • Tameable: Yes.
  • Inventory Space: 27.
  • Days until fully grown: 45.
  • Maximum Health (Hearts):
    • Adult: 20.
    • Infant: 5.
  • Dimensions (Blocks: Length x Height x Width):
    • Adult: 6x2x2.

Skeleton Assembly


Crafting Recipe for Blue Fresh Skeleton.

The crafting recipe for this species' skeletons, along with some screenshots of them, shown to the right.


Blue Fresh Skeleton.