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Camarasaurus is a fauna species, specifically a terrestrial dinosaur, found within Jurassic World Reborn.

Species Information[]

One of the most common sauropods, Camarasaurus lived in North America during the Late Jurassic. It had very strong teeth, and little evidence of gastroliths (gizzard stones), implying that it may have processed its food to some degree before swallowing it. Its diet would mostly have consisted of tough, fibrous plants.

In-Game Information[]

  • Extinct Species Revival Process: Incubator.
  • Geological Time Period: Jurassic.
  • Diet: Herbivorous.
  • Biological Clock: Diurnal.
  • Days until fully grown: 95.
  • Maximum Health (Hearts):
    • Adult: 65.
    • Infant: 10.
  • Dimensions (Blocks: Length x Height x Width):
    • Adult: 19x10x3

Skeleton Assembly[]

The crafting recipe for this species' skeletons, along with some screenshots of them, shown to the right.