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Diplodocus is a fauna species, specifically a terrestrial dinosaur, found within Jurassic World Reborn.

Species Information[]

Native to North America during the Late Jurassic (about 154-150 million years ago), Diplodocus could grow up to about 35 meters in length, and an estimated 10-16 tons in weight. Although not the biggest known sauropod, it is still the longest dinosaur of which a complete skeleton has been found. Due to their massive size, fully grown, healthy Diplodocus most likely didn't need to worry too much about predators.

In-Game Information[]

  • Extinct Species Revival Process: Incubator.
  • Geological Time Period: Jurassic.
  • Diet: Herbivorous.
  • Biological Clock: Diurnal.
  • Days until fully grown: 95.
  • Maximum Health (Hearts):
    • Adult: 90.
    • Infant: 10.
  • Dimensions (Blocks: Length x Height x Width):
    • Adult: 30x7x3

Skeleton Assembly[]

The crafting recipe for this species' skeletons, along with some screenshots of them, shown to the right.