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Fauna Species

Jurassic World Reborn adds many fauna species to Minecraft.

Jurassic World Reborn's Fauna are a series of complex mobs added to Minecraft by the Jurassic World Reborn Mod. Their mechanics work entirely different from regular Minecraft mobs. The purpose of this article is to explain how exactly Jurassic World Reborn's fauna creatures function and how to care for them.

Of note: As of the current build of JWR: Some of the mechanics describe herein may not always function as described within this article. If you find anything not working, please be sure to report it either on the GitHub page or the appropiate Discord Channel.

Fauna Behavior

Jurassic World Reborn's Fauna left to their own accord will wander about the world. Their behavior, however, varies towards players and other mobs. Creature behavior usually varies whether the creature in question is a herbivore or a carnivore.

Behavior Towards Players

Herbivores are naturally indifferent towards the player. They will not randomly attack players.

All carnivores, whether adult, juveniles or infants, are naturally aggressive towards the player, and will randomly attack the player on sight, unless tamed.

Creatures attacks will not cause block damage when attacking, they will only damage other entities with health.

Behavior Towards Animals

Once again, herbivores are indifferent towards other animals. They will not attack them. Adult and juvenile carnivores, however will attack animals to feed on them.

Behavior Towards other Jurassic World Reborn Fauna Species

Carnivorous creatures are naturally aggressive towards other Jurassic World Reborn Fauna species, there are some exceptions to this rule, however, with smaller carnivorous dinosaurs refraining from attacking other larger creatures. Dinosaurs move in packs. If the pack is too large, the outlying member (the one exceeding the maximum herd size, which can be verified in each creature's own Fauna Species article) will be attacked and killed.

Fauna Status

Fauna Species have several status bars, all of which can be displayed by right-clicking them with an InGen Field Guide. These status bars include Health, Hunger, Thirst and Age. Hunger and Thirst will decrease with time, see Fauna Feeding and Water: Thirst Mechanic for how to increase these. Health will decrease when a dinosaur takes damage and increase when it feeds.

Of note: The following command will completely disable the Thirst and Hunger mechanics for creatures within Jurassic World Reborn. The command is case-sensitive:

/gamerule dinoMetabolism false

Creature Feeding

Creatures require feeding to survive. Unlike other animals in Minecraft, if creaturesare not fed regularly, they will starve and die. A good option to feed most creaturesis to use a feeder, which is loaded up with food items (either meat or plants) and will automatically provide food for nearby dinosaurs. A single Feeder will generate a 32*32*32 block "attraction radius" around it. It is also important to remember that in the case of carnivores, feeding can be carried out via either live-feeding or by using food items.

It is important to remember that some plants are harmfu

Feeding Carnivores

Carnivores can either fed with items or via live-feeding.

Carnivores will eat all raw and cooked meats in the game. These can be loaded up into a feeder, and it is recommended to do so, because carnivores will readily attack players on sight. The most optimal way of feeding them is to set up the feeder with food in the enclosure before hatching the dinosaur, thus avoiding having to go in to feed the dinosaur.

Adult and juvenile Carnivores can also be fed live creatures, which will refill their hunger bar.

Feeding Herbivores

Herbivores can either be fed with items or with actual plants.

Herbivores will eat all crops except for beetroot. These can also be loaded up into a feeder, or manually fed to them as herbivores will not attack the player.

Aquatic Creatures

As of now, aquatic creatures cannot be fed with feeders. The only way to feed them is by providing other live creatures for them to feed on, such as squids or other animals in the case of carnivorous sea creatures.

Water: Thirst Mechanic

Once again, unlike other animals in Minecraft, creatures need to drink water to survive. For most smaller dinosaurs, a 2x2 blocks water pool of 1 block depth should be enough. For larger creatures, a 3x3 blocks water pool with 1 block depth should be enough. Each water source block generates a 32 * 32 * 32 block attraction radius around it, inciting nearby thirsty creatures to drink from it. Creatures, can, however, drown, usually in their infant and juvenile stages. All adult creatures can swim.

Creature Growth

Age will increase with time, it will also increase when Growth Serum is applied to a dinosaur. As a dinosaur ages, it will start growing in size too. A fauna species will grow in size until it reaches its "days until fully grown" value. These values for each creature are shown in their respective Fauna Species article. Growth Serum, as mentioned before, will increase the age of a dinosaur. It will also, however, start depleting both the hunger and thirst bars.

Fauna Breeding

Adult male and female creaturesof the same species can bred. This will randomly occur on its own whenever there is a male and female creature of the same species together. Upon breeding, the female creature will proceed to lay eggs (if a reptile or amphybian) or give live birth (if a mammal). After a while, eggs will hatch into juvenlie dinosaurs.

Creatures with a maximum herd size will still breed beyond this limit, meaning that the offspring will be killed when it reaches adulthood. Maximum herd sizes can be found in each creature's respective Fauna Species article.

Fauna Taming

Some of the creatures within Jurassic World Reborn can be tamed. The taming process is simple: Simply being the player that places the creature with the corresponding hatched egg or incubated creature will result in the creature in question being automatically tamed.

Tamed creatures can be right-clicked to issue a command. Three commands can be issued: Sit, Follow or Wander.

  • Sit: The sit command will cause the creautre in question to remain sat down in its place.
  • Wander: The wander oommand will cause the creature in question to wander about the area.
  • Follow: The follow command will cause the creature to follow you.

Shift-right-clicking a tamed creature will allow its owner to access the creatures inventory, where items can be stored. Inventory sizes for different creatures can be found in their respective Fauna Species article.

When applicable, creatures following it will defend you, in a way equivalent to certain other tameable Vanilla Minecraft mobs.