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A feeder placed on the ground.

The feeder is a block within Jurassic World Reborn that allows you to automate the process for feeding your Fauna Species, according to their Fauna Mechanics.



Feeder Crafting Recipe

A feeder can be crafted by using 2 iron trapdoors, 1 dispenser, 2 iron ingots, 1 chest and 3 cobblestone. The crafting recipe is shown to the right.



Feeder Interface

The feeder can be loaded with food items to dispense to your fauna species. To the right the feeder interface is shown. The red squares can be filled up with meat items, the green squares with plant items. When a hungry creature approaches a feeder (see the Fauna Mechanics article for more details) the feeder will automatically dispense food for the creature, allowing you to replenish its hunger bar.