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Fossils are the preserved remains of now extinct species. Along with Amber Ore and Ice Shard Ore, they provide the raw material for the Extinct Species Revival Process.

Geological Periods

Period Depths Updated

Geological Periods: In-Game Y Depths

Different extinct species belonged to different geological time periods. As these species died off and their remains settled, new layers of material was submersed under the other geological periods above it. As such, fossils corresponding to species of different geological time periods will be found at varying depths. A table is presented showing the corresponding period depth for each of the periods included in the Jurassic World Reborn Mod. If you wish to dig for a specific creature's fossils, you must mine at the specified depth, which you will locate fossils corresponding to that creature, alongside other fossils from the same time period. Of note: this only applies to fauna fossils. Plant fossils are equally distributed among all geological time periods. Each specific creature's geological time period is indicated in its own specific article. For a full list of fauna species, see the fauna species article.

Fossil Ores


To the left, the four variants of Fauna Fossils, to the right, Flora Fossils: Notice their similarity to coal ore.

Fossil ores can be found at the depths specified above. There are two variants: Plant Fossil Ores and Fauna Fossil Ores.

Fauna fossil ores come in four distinct variants, while plant fossil ores come in four, hard to distinguish variants found alongside coal deposits.

Plant Fossil Ores can be mined directly with a pickaxe of iron quality or higher. These yield Twig Fossils, Plant Fossils, cobblestone, or coal.

Encased Fossil

Encased Fauna Fossil, after using Plaster and Bandage on it.

In order to mine Fauna Fossil Ores, they must first be protected by using plaster and bandage on them, by selecting the plaster and bandage and right clicking on them. This will encase the fossil, protecting it from damage and allowing you mine it with the appropriate tool: a pickaxe of iron quality or higher. Doing so will yield the encased fossil which may be used as an input for the Extinct Species Revival Process.

Two further variants of Fossils include Fossilized Nests and Fossilized Trackways. These are usually found together either at the bed of the ocean or at the top of mountains. Fossilized Trackways, coming in three variants, can be mined directly with an iron pickaxe, yielding the Fossilized Trackway itself. It currently doesn't have viable genetic material. Fossilized Nests must be protected with Plaster and Bandage, similar to Fauna Fossils, and can be mined with a pickaxe of iron quality or higher. Doing so will yield an encased fossilized nest, which can then be used as an input for the Extinct Species Revival Process.

Fossilized Nests and Trackways

To the left, Fossilized Nests. to the right, Fossilized Trackways.

Petrified Logs

Petrified Logs

Petrified Logs, from left to right: Araucaria, Calamites, Ginkgo, Phoenix and Psaronius.

Sometimes, alongside Fossil Ores, you may find fossilized logs, or Petrified Logs. These also serve as raw materials for the Extinct Species Revival Process, and can be placed directly into a Fossil Grinder. They may be mined directly with an iron pickaxe. Possibilities for these will include: Petrified Araucaria, Calamites, Ginkgo, Phoenix and Psaronius logs.