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Skeleton Assembly Table Crafting Recipe. Oak Wood Slabs can be replaced by any kind of wooden slabs.

The Skeleton Assembly Table is the block in which all production of skeletons in Jurassic World Reborn takes place. The recipe for crafting this block is shown to the right, using 1 Lapis Lazuli, 2 Papers, 2 Wooden Slabs, 1 Crafting Slabs, 2 Oak Fences and 1 Low Security Fence Wire.

Skeleton Assembly


Skeleton Assembly Table User Interface

Skeletons are assembled by placing the respective dinosaur bones onto the Skeleton's Assembly Table User Interface shown to the right. The bones must be placed following a distinct pattern, depending on which fauna species skeleton is desired, like a crafting recipe. All bones must belong to the same species. The crafting recipes for all species skeletons are shown in their respective Fauna Species articles.