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Spinoraptor is a fauna species, specifically a terrestrial dinosaur hybrid, found within Jurassic World Reborn.

Species Information[]

Spinoraptor is a hereditarily altered type of dinosaur, made by Dr. Henry Wu by consolidating the base genome of Spinosaurus with that of Velociraptor. The Spinoraptor is a social creature and needs somewhere in the range of two and four individuals from their species to stay content.

In-Game Information[]

  • Extinct Species Revival Process: Incubator.
  • Diet: Carnivorous.
  • Biological Clock: Diurnal.
  • Tameable: Yes.
  • Maximum Herd Size: 4.
  • Days until fully grown: 30.
  • Maximum Health (Hearts):
    • Adult: 60.
    • Infant: 8.
  • Dimensions (Blocks: Length x Height x Width):
    • Adult: 14x5x2

Hybrid Information[]

For purposes of the Extinct Species Revival Process, specifically the creation of this species' DNA Storage Disc in the DNA Combinator - Hybridizer, the genetic composition of the hybrid is shown in the table below.


Spinoraptor: Genetic Composition

Skeleton Assembly[]

The crafting recipe for this species' skeletons, along with some screenshots of them, shown to the right.